Sutton man goes hunt for Notts deeds as he launches label with school friend

Glenn Bradford of Sutton and Miles Waite grew up together in Leicestershire and were close friends until their early twenties.

The 41-year-old men realized they had both moved to Nottinghamshire when they met at a school reunion – and are now setting up a joint venture to support musicians in the area.

Their new label, String Field Theories, will open later this month.

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School friends Miles Waite, left, and Glenn Bradford are launching a label.

Specializing in electro and alternative music, the label already has a double single on the A side, ready to be released.

Glenn said: “Miles and I have always been in music and performed in bands, since we were teenagers.

“We were good friends until our twenties, but we lost touch for about seven years when Miles moved to Germany.”

The friends realized they had both moved to Nottinghamshire when they attended a King Edward VII College reunion in Melton Mowbray in May 2019.

Glenn said, “We both love music and the more we talked about it the more we realized we wanted to do this.

“Miles has the technical knowledge of music and I got a degree in Creative Writing, so combined, we have the skills to kickstart this.

“We are looking on sites like Soundcloud for potential artists to sign and would like to hear from bands in the area.

“We are really looking forward to finding the hidden gems of the Nottinghamshire music scene and spreading their sound. “

The duo also plan to combine the traditional role of a record label with professional services for musicians working in all genres.

Miles, from Bingham, said: “Whether it’s mixing, mastering, photographing or just putting together a bio, we want musicians to ask us for help.

““ It could be a one-time service, or maybe they end up signing with us and have a long career. “

String Field Theories will launch on Monday, September 20, with online events and a new website at

The double single Come Back to Reality (I’m Still Dreaming) / B One, by Miles Waite, will follow on October 1.

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