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If you have an appointment with the dentist, you may not only have to expect painful treatment, but also a deep grip on your budget. Since the statutory health insurance companies have almost completely removed dental services from their service catalog, quite a few consumers have to take out a loan for dental services. However, this is linked to some conditions.

The dentist loan

The dentist loan

Most people don’t like going to the dentist. It is not only the uncomfortable treatment, but also the immensely high costs. But you not only visit the dentist when you are in pain, but also when the so-called “third parties” no longer do it. A new, fitting and well-fitting prosthesis comes at a price. It is not uncommon for the patient to spend up to 8,000 USD or more. If a few implants are then placed, they have the price of a new car. Very few patients can pay for this from the current budget and consider taking out a loan for dental services.

Decent teeth are not only relevant for aesthetics, chewing and laughing are also part of it. For example, poorly fitting dentures can lead to stomach problems because the patient can no longer chew properly. Many patients no longer dare to laugh properly. You can often see that these people put their hands over their mouths so that you don’t see the unsightly teeth.

Patients who regularly go to the dentist check receive a bonus book, which can be worth cash. With the well-managed bonus booklet, the health insurance companies reimburse a higher grant for dental services.

Dental services have many faces. The path extends from the prosthesis to implants. Dentists know, of course, that many patients have no money for a complex dental restoration. That is why the dentist offers a loan for dental services. Appropriate information can often be found in the waiting room. Of course, fundraising is very convenient and easy. But the patient has no means of comparison.

In addition, the patient is often encouraged to overpriced treatments when they receive credit for dental services through the dentist. Treatments are approved that were not actually intended. The dentist will procure the loan through his financial service providers. These financial service providers also set the conditions.

The loan is often even offered without interest. Nevertheless, you should not act rashly, because with an interest-free loan, expensive installments are due. Usually the patient only has a few months to pay the loan. It should therefore be clarified in advance whether the high installments can be paid. By drawing up a budget, the patient sees what is left after deducting all expenses.

If there is an acceptable remaining amount, this loan version could be successful, not least because the loan would then also be paid quickly. If the installment payments are too high, an installment loan from a bank is recommended.
However, the financial service provider will also check the patient’s creditworthiness; if it is bad, there will be no credit for dental services from the dentist. The dentist is then too high of a risk that he will remain at his own expense.

The credit comparison

The credit comparison

If the installment payments at the dentist are too high, an installment loan from a bank is available. If you want to maintain your intimacy, you are of course not in good hands with your house bank. But that gives many direct banks on the Internet who also provide a loan for dental services. Experience has shown that these banks have more favorable terms than the branch banks. In addition, the loan seeker has the option of finding a cheap provider with a loan comparison.

So he sees not only the important APR, but also the terms and conditions of the banks. However, the focus should not only be on the effective interest rate, because a really cheap loan has free special repayments and one or two installments. The special repayments are particularly important for the loan seeker who receives premiums or holiday and Christmas bonuses from the employer every year. Part of this could flow into the loan, which would then be paid faster.

If special repayments are not noted in the loan agreement, the bank can calculate a prepayment penalty for early repayment of the loan. One or two installment deferrals are also recommended, because there can always be a financial bottleneck where the two installments could be used.

With a credit comparison, in which the customer enters the loan amount, the term and the installment amount, he receives all providers based on a list. In addition, monthly income information must be provided. The data will be treated confidentially and will only be used when the loan application is made.

The conditions

The conditions

Banks naturally check the customer’s creditworthiness, which they also have to prove. Mostly, proof of salary from the past three months and bank statements from the same period are required. A copy of the employment contract should also be presented.

The income must be sufficiently high and regularly received. It must be above the garnishment exemption limit and have a garnishable share of at least 100 USD. An example: A single person must earn 1,160 USD net so that there is a attachable share of at least 80.47 USD. In addition to the income, the bank checks the customer’s Credit Bureau. This must not contain any negative entries, no serious features such as attachments, bankruptcy, affidavits or enforcement notices. The latter hard entries completely exclude a loan. If the Credit Bureau has so-called soft features like a forgotten bill, there are banks that overlook it.

Permanent employment is also part of the banks’ approval program for a loan for dental services. It may not be limited and may not include a trial period. If the customer can meet these conditions, nothing stands in the way of a loan for dental services.

The loan with a view abroad

The loan with a view abroad

If the loan seeker has negative entries and is rejected by conventional banks, a loan from Liechtenstein remains. The local Demo Lender Bank specializes in granting Credit Bureau-free loans. However, this bank has the same requirements as the Agree bank. With one exception she does not query the Credit Bureau.

An anonymous loan can be applied for, from which neither the house bank nor Credit Bureau learns about it. These loans are secured by income, so it must be sufficiently high, as described before. Permanent employment is also imperative.

The peculiarity of these loans is shown in the loan amounts. Almost only three loan amounts are provided. Once 3,500 USD, 5,000 USD and recently 7,500 USD.

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