American football star, record artist and founder of 777 Supremacy

Buffate Coleman is an entrepreneur, American football star, business owner, artist, actor, and record producer born in Los Angeles, California, but raised in a small town in Heflin, Louisiana. He is the CEO of 777 Supremacy, a brand he founded in 2018. The 777 Supremacy brand is a group of artists, actors and entrepreneurs.

His creative and perfectionist personality made Buffate Coleman a successful footballer who had been interested in football and music from a young age. Coleman has worked with many prolific artists like Ben J from New Boyz, J-Bar, Kirko Bangz and many more. It is also associated with the Houston Mogul Albert Walker Mondane, known professionally as Sauce Walka. Buffate Coleman graduated from Lakeside Highschool in 2017. In his senior year at school, he wore number 7 for the Lakeside Warriors. Coleman only played his final year for the Warriors that year. He took the football team to the playoffs for the first time in years. Meanwhile, Coleman won the title of number one running back in Louisiana.

He earned many other accolades in just one year, including offensive MVP, regional player, 2nd offensive team and All American nominee. Not only did Coleman attract the attention of his peers, but also local newspapers and news stations. Many colleges in Louisiana and surrounding states had their eyes set on Coleman and offered him scholarships to further his football career. Unfortunately, this was not God’s plan for Coleman. From a footballer, the young star quickly discovers his passion for music. He released his first single, “This Ain’t The End”.

Coleman quickly caught the attention of “This Is Not the End” after its release, gaining over 5,000 Instagram followers just after a month of release. He had other flourishing platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Snapchat. Coleman’s popularity quickly led to his getting a chance to perform in front of 1,200 people, including The King Family, at the Battle of the Bands located at the University of the South. The audience was very pleased with Coleman’s leadership and authenticity. This was only the beginning of Coleman’s rise. He didn’t stop there, but he dropped many singles and appeared in various artist mixtapes. Coleman dropped songs with artists from different countries like Don Charles and Lil Sauce White. He also dropped a song with Louisiana artist Geaux Yella. It would win fans of legendary artists like Soulja boy and Young Buck who have shown their support for Colemans Music.

Coleman is set to release his first mixtape “The Chosen One” sometime in 2022. He has teased his fans with release dates and clips, but hasn’t given fans a confirmed date. In addition to dropping his first mixtape, Coleman will soon be dropping his product for 777 Supremacy.

You can look for Coleman; he is doomed to success.

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