5 Places to Make Selectable Credit Cards

If you want to make a credit card at the same time consulting in person, you can come to the nearest bank branch. Lazy out of the house? Apply for a credit card online too! Just choose as needed.

Before submitting, don’t forget to make sure you meet the requirements. Each credit card issuer applies different terms and conditions.

Generally, credit card application requirements include a minimum age limit above 21 years, have an income, and have a good credit score. The higher the credit card level, the more stringent the requirements must be met.

For example, a Silver type credit card can be submitted by you who earn starting from $ 3 million. Meanwhile, Signature type credit cards are aimed at customers with income starting from $ 20 million or selected customers.

If you already know the type of credit card you want to submit, now just choose where to make a credit card. Want to go online or offline, you can! Here are the choices.


The place to make credit cards offline

The place to make credit cards offline

Bank branch office

For some people making a credit card directly at the bank is indeed troublesome. You need to spend a special time at least 15-30 minutes. That is even if the bank is not too crowded.

Even so, making a credit card directly to customer service like this has its own advantages.

You can consult directly with the bank and get. information about interest, fees, payment methods, and promos available easily.

If you are interested in making a credit card at a bank customer service, here’s how:

  1. Prepare the required documents, generally including:
    • Photocopy of KTP
    • Photocopy of savings for the past three months
    • Photocopy of NPWP
    • Photocopy of salary slip
    • Statement of income
  2. Come to the bank branch office of your choice
  3. Take a queue number to meet with customer service
  4. Complete the credit card submission form and submit it to customer service along with the document requirements
  5. After the forms and files are received, the bank will interview you regarding personal data and other identities
  6. After that, you can go home and wait for the bank to call back

The credit card application process takes approximately 14 working days. If accepted, the bank will reconfirm the submission and send a credit card to the registered address.


Mall or shopping center

Mall or shopping center

You may have received brochures from marketing or credit card sales from various banks while at the mall. Indeed, not a few marketing or credit card sales are aggressively looking for customers in crowded places like malls.

If you really intend to make a credit card, there’s no harm in accepting the sales offer.

Submitting a credit card at a mall is considered to have a high chance of being approved, and setting easy terms. Therefore, mall visitors are considered as consumptive individuals who have been established so that they are considered eligible to have a credit card.

On the other hand, a bank’s credit card sales must have a target of customers that must be met. That way, credit card applications will not be complicated.

But please note that applying for credit through marketing has its risks. Your personal identity and other data that you own are at risk of being misused by bad sales or marketing.


The place to make credit cards online

credit cards

Through the official website of the bank

Some credit card issuing banks provide online credit card submission services through websites. One of them is a BCA credit card.

This method is fairly easy and practical. Through the bank’s official website, you can also get information about the terms, interest, and fees of your chosen credit card.

You only need to follow the instructions given to complete. Usually you will be asked to complete personal data, employment data, bank data, emergency contacts, and other data.

Then, download the required documents. If it’s finished, you just need to wait for the bank to call back.


Through a smartphone

mobile loans

There are also banks that only provide online application submission services via mobile phones, such as Best Bank and Cream Bank.

This method is actually not much different from the previous way. It’s just that all processes are carried out via mobile using Chrome or Safari.

For example, if you make a Cream credit card through a mobile phone, here are the guidelines:

  1. Go to the Cream credit card site through Chrome or Safari
  2. Click Apply Credit Card in the upper right corner
  3. Next you will be asked to prepare documents in the form of KTP, NPWP, and salary slip or tax return
  4. Select the type of credit card you want, then click Continue
  5. You can choose the method of charging the credit card application yourself or assisted by customer service
  6. If you want to be assisted by customer service, you will be contacted by the Cream Bank to guide the data filling.
  7. Please follow the instructions given to complete

In addition to this method, you can also apply for a credit card via mobile phone by contacting the relevant bank call center. Telemarketing on duty will guide the opening of credit cards to completion.


Through the RiteLend marketplace

You must be familiar with the RiteLend site, right? Now, not only online shopping, credit card applications can also be done at RiteLend.

The method is not much different from filing through the official website of the bank. The following stages:

  1. Visit the RiteLend site
  2. Select the Digital Products section, then click Credit Card
  3. Select the desired credit card, then click Submit
  4. Next, complete the requested data and follow the submission instructions to complete
  5. You will receive an email notification of submission, as well as an SMS along with a link to continue the credit card application

The advantage of applying for a credit card through RiteLend is that you can compare various credit cards from various banks. That way, you can find the best credit card according to your criteria and needs.

That’s a variety of choices where to make a credit card. Unlike a dozen years ago, now making credit cards can be done practically and easily.

Now, if the credit card is in hand, don’t forget to use it wisely so that it is not broken. Good luck!

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